Universidad Autónoma de Chile boosts international collaboration activities with México

In 2021 Universidad Autónoma de Chile’s Special Education Pedagogy program (campus Talca) carried out two mirror classes in collaboration with Universidad de Colima (Mexico), where part of a subject was carried out with the participation of teachers and students from both universities. The experience allowed students to have access to different approaches, concepts, and pedagogical views on the same topic developed by international experts.

The first mirror class took place in June 2021 and was taught by Claudia Salamanca, professor at Universidad Autónoma de Chile, who talked about the tensions in teaching. She described the activity as a great instance to enhance learning: «The experience has been gratifying, since sharing experiences between Chile and Mexico has allowed, on the one hand, to understand that there are similarities related to the work of teachers and, on the other hand, for students to socialize and build together with their peers new knowledge, thus enhancing their teaching training».

The next joint class was held in July and was led by Alberto Ceja, Director of the Faculty of Pedagogy at Universidad de Colima. The professor explained «The mirror class was a space to share knowledge between both countries, recognizing differences, but above all similarities in terms of pedagogy and teaching work. A crossroads between two realities that are physically distant, but through this experience it was possible to build a meeting point to enrich our training processes».

Dr. Claudia Carrasco, Director of the Special Education Pedagogy program at Universidad Autónoma de Chile in Talca, in charge of organizing the activity, as well as giving a presentation on the challenges of the teaching career referred to the activity, which began to be planned in April 2021 together with the International Relations Offices. «As a Program Director, I consider the academic ties we have created with Universidad de Colima, Mexico and in particular with the Faculty of Pedagogy, led by professor Paul Ceja Mendoza a very relevant milestone. The two instances of mirror classes directed to first-year students of the program in both Temuco and Talca , together with the Pedagogy students at Universidad de Colima, have been significant for both of them, as well as for the academics, since we have been able to socialize our teaching role from both points of view, which has made us reflect on the tensions and challenges as teachers, especially considering the current context of global pandemic».

Maria Eugenia Jiménez, Head of the International Office at Universidad Autónoma de Chile mentioned the university will continue to foster these kinds of activities in 2022 in the framework of a more comprehensive internationalization strategy, as these initiatives allow more students and teachers to acquire global knowledge and makes our institution move forward towards a more global university.

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