The Direction of Research along with the Vice-Chancellor Office for Research and Graduate Studies at Universidad Autónoma de Chile invites national and international research groups to participate in this new call to fund collaborative work between them and researchers from our university.


One of the goals stated from the Vice-Chancellor Office for Research and Graduate Studies (VRIP) at Universidad Autónoma de Chile (UA) is to encourage national and international collaborations for the development of Chilean science, by supporting UA researchers in performing world-class research. To this end, the VRIP looks forward to encouraging collaborative research between world-class national and international recognized groups and researchers from the UA.


To strengthen the scientific collaboration between the UA and worldwide-known national and international institutions to attain world-class scientific outcomes

To promote the publication of research findings done by the UA researchers on high-impact scientific journals


Through this call, the UA will fund 3 research projects for a total of US $25,000 which will last at most 1 year.

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants for this call must be International or chilean researchers who are part of worldwide-known research groups and/or institutions.

The project must consider a responsible researcher from the applying group/institution to lead the project and also a researcher from the UA to function as local counterpart. The latter must work exclusively at the UA.

What does this call fund?

Personal expenses (which must not exceed the 50% of the project’s budget)

Operating expenses

Transportation (which includes visits to-, from-, and within Chile)

How to apply

Applicants must follow the checklist stated ahead:

Read the call’s guidelines thoroughly.

Fill in the application form.

Complete the online form for this call.

Send and email to containing the following documentation:

Application form

CV from both the Responsible Researcher and UA Counterpart

Letters of interest from both the responsible researcher and the UA counterpart.

Letter of approval by the Faculty’s Dean and Vice-Chancellor of the Campus for the UA Counterpart

(If the UA Couterpart is a postdoctoral researcher, include letter of support from their supervisor.)

When does this call close

The Vice-chancellor office of research and graduate studies at Universidad Autónoma de Chile will receive applications until September the 25th, 2018 at exactly 18:00hrs (chilean continental time)


For more information feel free to contact us with any enquiry at


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